Invisible Investigations sets the standard for SBE, government and non-government projects.

Public Records Research
Public Records Research: Ensure you get only the best results with an Invisible investigations.

Electronic Discovery Services

Comprehensive Information Resources
Information research services involve the search for all forms of information.

Computer Forensic Services
Computer forensics are specialized techniques used in the recovery, authentication, and analysis...

Personal Protection
Hire professional, personal protection personnel from Invisible Investigations when you need protection service

Supplier and Vendor Screening
Criminally motivated vendors or falsely procured vendors can have an impact on the bottom line.

Undercover Investigations
Undercover Covert Investigations: Undercover investigations are often complex and difficult.

Employee Screening Programs
Employee Screening Programs: The key to a qualified, productive workforce is professional staff.

Crisis Intervention Services
A crisis can be any situation that escalates beyond control, and the causes of a crisis can be varied.

Retail Loss and Theft Prevention
Retail Loss and Theft Prevention: It’s your responsibility as an employer to remove temptation...

Physical Evidence and Forensics Services
With thousands of qualified experts in forensics how can you best choose to work on your case?...

Private Investigations (United States)
Invisible Investigations handles all private investigations in the United States through our licensees and sub-contractors

Criminal Investigation Services
Criminal investigations vary in degree. Such cases require more effort than the average case...

Reputation Defense
Reputation defense may be necessary after any event that threatens to damage your reputation,...

Counterintelligence Services
Counterintelligence Services: Counterintelligence is one of the most difficult of all businesses....

Personal Investigations
Invisible Investigations is a full service private investigation agency that services clients across the country.

Investigations to Find People
Investigations to Find People: A locate investigation runs the gamut of finding people, from lost...

Signal Piracy Auditing
Signal Piracy is the act of stealing a digital signal, such as cable or satellite.

Polygraph or Lie Detection Services
Polygraph or Lie Detection: Polygraph testing and lie detection services are used when our...

Tenant Background Services
Tenant Background Services help property owners determine a tenant or potential tenant’s background.

Process Service
Process Service: Get the documents you need served to the people you need.

Commercial Driver Pre Screening. The commercial Driver Pre-Screening program is designed to support your transportation needs.
Invisible Investigations sets the standard for SBE, government and non-government projects.